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October 26, 2009 Leave a comment

Spirituality is not inherent in religiosity. Therefore, I must not assume that I possess a dynamic spiritual life on the superficial basis that I possess a rigorous religious life. Even for the most religious, there is no such thing as an automatic dynamic spiritual life.


Since an automatic dynamic spiritual life isn’t ever going to happen on its own, an intentional dynamic spiritual life is the only option. Here are five essentials we must intentionally embrace if we want a dynamic spiritual life:

  1. CONFESSION. Look at the examples of spiritual transformation in the Bible and one thing will become clear: spiritual life gets better after confession, not before. I’ll never have a dynamic spiritual life until I stop pretending that I do and start admitting that I don’t.
  2. PERSONAL DISCIPLINES. Four in particular. Two pairs. The first pair is reading and reflection; that is, getting into God’s word and letting God’s word get into you–ingesting and digesting God’s word. The second pair is prayer and fasting; that is, emptying your heart to God and emptying your stomach for God.
  3. WORSHIP. True worship does three big things: (1) It captures the essence of our relationship with God–that it is not one between two equals. (2) Worship infuses us with the power to continue striving to develop spiritually. (3) Worship makes God happy, which is what spiritual people most want to do.
  4. OBEDIENCE. Christianity is about a lot more than filling our heads with information. It’s about living lives characterized by transformation. Jesus was never content with people knowing the truth. Jesus was relentless in his insistence that people practice the truth. If you know these things, he said, blessed are you…if you do them.
  5. RELATIONSHIPS. Our social lives powerfully impact our spiritual lives. Reflect on how you arrived where you are in your spiritual life. Start telling your story and you’ll undoubtedly see faces and name names of people who have been instrumental in starting you on and guiding you along your spiritual journey.

So, if your spiritual life could stand a bit (or more) of improvement (and whose couldn’t), how about being intentional to make these five essentials a part of your life? I think you’ll be pleased with the results. I know God will be.