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November 5, 2009 2 comments

It may sound strange, but here’s one suggestion God offers: go to a funeral. In Ecclesiastes 7:2 God says, It is better to go to a house of mourning than to a house of feasting, for death is the destiny of every man; the living should take this to heart. I just got finished doing both–I went to a house of mourning, and I took it to heart.


It’s Wednesday at 3:57 pm. I just returned to my office from the funeral of 17 year-old, high school senior Mallerie Graves, who ended her battle with cancer this past Sunday morning.

Almost unbearable…that’s how I would describe what it felt like to witness the family’s heartbreak (can’t imagine how the family felt).

Unshakeable…that’s how I’d describe Mal’s and her family’s faith. Watching Mal’s mom, in the eye of her ultimate storm, nodding her head in affirmation to the lyrics of I Will Praise You In This Storm was incredibly moving and faith-building. Wow! Praise God!

With the tears rolling down my cheeks I kept recalling Ecclesiastes 7:2 and kept pondering what the sobering reality of death offers the living. Mal’s full (albeit too short) life forced me to contemplate the unlived aspects of my own life and to ask myself a series of questions–questions that seemed so obvious in view of death:

  • Why do I not tell Heather, Haven, and Pierce how much I love them every day?
  • Why do Heather and Haven and Pierce not regularly find notes from me in unexpected places?
  • Why do I allow stress or a bad mood to ruin an entire evening at home?
  • Why am I not more patient?
  • Why am I not more loving?
  • Why do we not sit around the dinner table and thank God for all the good in our lives every single day?
  • Why do I ever allow Haven’s Bible-story-and-prayer bedtime routine to become routine?
  • Why is our home not bursting with laughter and joy and faith continually?

I think I know why. It’s because I take most todays for granted. It’s because I don’t see every day for the blessed miracle that it is. The memory of Mal’s life today reminded me to embrace every day and live it fully to the glory of God. A poster near where I was standing captured my thoughts perfectly: Fear not death but the unlived life.

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October 20, 2009 4 comments

Answer: To see how many minutes into the show I can get before shedding the first tear.

Not really. Even though I typically exceed the unspoken limit imposed by society on males for the number of sappy shows that can be honorably watched per month, I don’t watch Extreme Makeover Home Edition simply for a purging of pent up emotion.


I watch it because I invariably come away with a more keen awareness of what’s really important in life. Take this past Sunday night’s episode, for example. I’m sitting next to Haven on the couch with Pierce on my lap watching a paralyzed, wheelchair-bound former cop talk about how desperately he’s wanted to play with his kids and tuck them in at night since his tragedy.

And I start to wonder…what if he were to live my life for a day?

If he were me for a day, I know what he would do. He’d power off his iphone (sorry Apple), close his laptop (sorry again Apple), turn off the TV, and go outside with Haven. He’d run in the backyard, push her in her swing, and help her pick up acorns and pecans for the squirrels (her current favorite hobby). Then he’d come inside and hold Pierce, change his diaper, feed him a bottle, laugh at his burps, and kiss him on the cheek as he falls asleep in his arms.

Sounds like the perfect day. I think I’ll try it.

And that’s why I watch Extreme Makeover Home Edition.

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