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December 3, 2009 1 comment

These things being so, you will no doubt like many others, experience no ordinary degree of surprise on being told, that there are now certain preachers affecting to espouse the cause of the Ancient Gospel, who cease not to proclaim all over their fields of labour, that there is no Spirit now; that there is no Spirit given; that the word is the Spirit! Yes, brother Campbell’s brother-in-law, writes me, that the cause in certain places, which he has lately visited, is loaded just with the intolerable burden of such proclaimers; but I here protest, that such men have neither brother Campbell nor us for their examples in such sayings, and I am sure, that such individuals do neither conceive of the gospel as it has been delivered in the Holy Scriptures by the Apostles, nor as it has been lately restored again in practice to the church.

-Walter Scott, “Restoration of the Ancient Gospel,”
The Evangelist (1833) 98-99.

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