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November 13, 2009 4 comments

You get two for one this week. That is because my person of the week is a pair of wonderful persons–Ken and Julie Hope (my mom and dad). A lot of you reading this post know my parents and already know what special people they are. But for those who don’t know them, it is my pleasure to introduce them to you.


My dad was a record-setting All-American pitcher for Oklahoma Christian back in the day and is now a father of four, grandfather of four (and husband of one, of course). He’s preached for the same church in Garland, Texas, for over 25 years, which is no small feat in itself. What I admire most about my dad is his consistency. He’s anything but wishy-washy. He’s steady, not prone to extreme emotional highs and lows. He doesn’t make rash decisions or do things on a whim that he’ll regret the next day. He’s strong, dependable, and wise. And for that I admire him. But here’s why I love him: because he has been more than a consistent example throughout my life; he’s been a consistent presence in my life…catching me when I jumped off the diving board into the deep end, holding the seat of my oversized bike when I was learning to balance, insisting that I extend my arm when I threw a baseball, baptizing me into Christ after delivering an emotional speech, and spending countless hours coaching my summer league basketball teams. As I told him recently in a birthday card, I only hope I can come somewhere near living up to the high standard of fatherhood that he has set for me.


And my mom. When we kids were growing up she was a stay-at-home mom, but now she works as an Administrative Assistant at a Garland elementary school. Of the many wonderful traits she possesses, there is one that outshines them all. She’s gonna kill me for divulging this, but she has fulfilled her suppressed childhood dream of becoming a cheerleader. (No, she never wore a skirt and jumped around on the sidelines at my ball games.) But she was and still is a cheerful, supportive, energetic, bubbly presence in my life. Like an unfiltered ray of sunshine, she has always been eager to laugh, eager to put people at ease, quick to get over frustration, and quick to share others’ excitement. Even though it’s been 13 years since I graduated high school and left for Tennessee, she still is the one person I want to call first when anything good happens to me. Because I know when I share my good news she’ll share my excitement and intensify my joy. Like a superhero who never shows her suit, my mom (though having never been seen with a megaphone and pom-poms) is the best cheerleader in the word. And that’s why she’s my hero.