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September 28, 2009 2 comments

So, I’ve been contemplating starting a blog for some time now. Today my good intention becomes reality–I’m taking my wordpress blog on its maiden voyage (crossing my fingers that there are no icebergs ahead). Actually, I’m just hoping I don’t hit them. I see one iceberg already. His name is Pierce Ramsey Hope, and he’s expected to arrive in less than 48 hours. This will be Heather’s and my second child. Not a perfect time to start a blog, I know, but I’ll try to keep this thing afloat.


Here’s my plan:

  • On Mondays I’ll post something about a sermon from the day before (and change diapers).
  • On Tuesdays I’ll post something having to do with effective ministry (and change diapers).
  • On Wednesdays I’ll post some reflection on life (and change diapers).
  • On Thursdays I’ll post some insight from our church’s Bible reading plan (and change diapers).
  • On Fridays I’ll post something about effective sermons (and change diapers).
  • Saturdays are “random post days” or “no post days,” depending on the # of diapers to be changed that day.
  • On Sundays I’ll post a good quotation that I came across the week before (oh, and change a diaper or ten).

I’ve got three blog rules for myself:

  1. No blogging allowed on vacation
  2. No blogging allowed at home while the kids are awake
  3. Most blogging is to be done during the day at the office (except for weekends when I am not at the office).

Well, that’s it for now. Wish me luck.

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