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October 13, 2009 4 comments

I was asked recently how I go about balancing work and family. Fair question…especially considering my profession. Preachers are notorious for paying attention to everyone but their wife and kids.


So, what are some things I try to do to avoid sacrificing my family on the altar of my ministry? Here are a few things that seem to work pretty well most of the time.

  1. Thursday is date day or date night for Heather and me. Either we send the kids to the babysitter for the day or we get a babysitter for the evening.
  2. On Saturday I don’t start reviewing my sermons before 8pm, and I try not to think and stress about them before 8pm, either (although Heather can generally tell how far along I am for Sunday by the mood I’m in on Saturday). I’m working on that. I think it’s getting better, but you might ought to ask her.
  3. Now that we have a new addition to our family, I don’t want Haven to feel like she has half her old daddy. So Monday afternoon is going to be Haven and daddy time. I’ll pick her up from preschool, take her to lunch, let her sit in the big chair in my office, and let her tag along for whatever visits I make that day. I think she’ll like it. I know I will.
  4. Sunday is tough no matter what, but I try to go to class with Heather, go with Heather to pick up Haven from class (and soon Pierce, too), and sit with the family until it’s time to preach.
  5. On the days I go into the office (M/T/W/F), I try to be home around 5pm.
  6. Vacation Sundays are to be used for vacations only…not extra speaking engagements. Vacations are great opportunities to bond and build memories as a family. They’re pretty much sacred in our house.

These are a few of the things I try to do to balance work and family.

What are some things that help you balance the two? I’d love to hear your strategies.

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