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November 4, 2009 Leave a comment


1. I try never to say anything behind a man’s back that would give me the least embarrassment to say to his face.

2. I try never to speak back to personal critics–friends do not need to hear the defense and enemies would not believe it.

3. Every day I greet every person I see with a smile and make a special effort to do so if the person is poor or in unfortunate circustances.

4. The first thing when I awake in the morning I plan what my duty for the day is and try to go beyond it.

5. Every day I read from the Bible and some other good books–feeding the mind and soul is more important than feeding the body.

6. I try to pay every debt I owe on time and always save something from every pay check, however small.

7. I like people and never harbor any malice or hatred toward any person in the world; I like places and have yet to be anywhere that I do not like–I go there with the intention of liking the place.

8. I am a confirmed optimist, believing that even in this life evil men will be punished by their own unhappinesss and good men will be rewarded.

9. I try to close each day as if it were the last day I’d be on earth, closing the books on all regrets, worries, and annoyances.

10. The last thing I do at night is to count one by one the blessings of the day. This makes me so thankful and happy that I soon drift into pleasant sleep. In this spirit, I hope to close life’s journey and drift into eternity.

-George W. DeHoff

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November 3, 2009 2 comments

Believe it or not, all it takes is a slight change of perspective.


Most of us tend to blame our attitude on our circumstances when it’s actually our perspective on our circumstances that’s most responsible for our attitude. Have you not ever thought it curious how two people in very similar situations can have two completely different outlooks on life? Some people, no matter their situation, take the view that things could always be better. This hinders them from appreciating how good things actually are. Others, whatever their particular lot in life, view their position from the perspective that things could always be worse. This gracious realism allows them to appreciate the not-so-bad parts of their circumstances. It’s a subtle shift in perspective that makes all the difference.

On my best days I’ll sometimes approach life from this perspective and am never ceased to be amazed at the difference it makes in my attitude. For example:

  • When I find myself getting consumed with thoughts of home improvements, I’ll sometimes pause and think, “Just suppose I had a one bedroom house with a dirt floor like they do in many third world countries.”
  • When I find myself getting consumed with negative thoughts about the money I pay for health insurance, I’ll sometimes pause and think, “Just suppose I had thousands of dollars worth of medical bills and no insurance.”
  • When I find myself getting stressed about giving so much money to the IRS each year, I’ll sometimes pause and think, “Just suppose I didn’t have a job.”
  • When I find myself getting worked up about minor inconveniences I’ll sometimes pause and think, “Just suppose Heather, Haven, Pierce, or I had a major, life threatening health problem.”

It’s interesting what happens when I allow myself to consider these less desirable scenarios. The result is that I invariably become more thankful for my blessings and more aware of what’s really important in life. I realize that while my situation in life could perhaps be better than it is, my situation in life could certainly be worse than it is. And for whatever reason, with this realization comes an improvement in my perspective and my attitude.

Perhaps we’d do ourselves a favor if, the next time we begin to bemoan our present circumstances, we’d pause long enough to recall this simple, perspective-altering, attitude-improving phrase: things could always be worse.

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October 28, 2009 4 comments

Lately I have been thinking a lot about how blessed I am to be living in Henderson. When Heather and I decided to move here a few years ago, the potential benefits of living in a small college town were a large part of our decision. While we knew that in leaving Memphis we’d be giving up some entertainment, dining, and shopping options, we were convinced we’d be gaining a lot more. That has proven true, and these days it seems like I’m continually thinking about all the reasons I love living in Henderson.


Here are a few of the blessings of living where I live:

  1. NO TRAFFIC JAMS (unless you get behind a tractor) OR RUSH HOURS (except for Jack’s drive through from 8-10 am on Saturday mornings).
  2. PERSONAL, FRIENDLY SERVICE. Rarely am I treated like a stranger when I take my car to a mechanic, eat at a restaurant, enter a doctor’s office, or buy a vehicle from a local car dealership.
  3. CONVENIENCE. I can walk from my office or house to downtown Henderson and eat, get my hair cut (before my barber left town, that is), mail letters at the post office, renew my car registration at the court house, and take care of any other city business in less than an hour without driving all over creation and waiting in long lines.
  4. UNIVERSITY LIBRARY. If I need a few commentaries for a lesson I’m preaching, I simply drive (I was contemplating using an ambigous word like “run” but decided to just admit my laziness) across the street and get what I need at Freed-Hardeman’s library.
  5. QUALITY PUBLIC SCHOOLS. I don’t feel like I have to send my children to a private Christian school for them to receive a quality education from godly teachers.
  6. OPPORTUNITIES ON CAMPUS. With Freed-Hardeman University across the street, there are plenty of opportunities to watch sporting events, attend concerts and other performances, hear dignitaries and celebrities speak, and enjoy theatrical productions.
  7. BELOW AVERAGE COST OF LIVING. Land can be bought for a few thousand dollars an acre. Housing prices are very reasonable. Taxes aren’t too bad.

What’s the point of this post? Mainly I just wanted to acknowledge these blessings. It’s healthy to reflect on the blessings in our lives–even the benefits of living wherever we happen to live.

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