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April 17, 2010 1 comment

Okay, so it’s been a while since my last post. Well, I’m back…at least for today.

The other night I was reflecting on the sort of parent I am and noticed some areas that need improvement. This was not the first time I noticed these deficiencies; it was just the first time I made a real, verbal commitment to begin working to resolve them. Out of this process came three new rules I have for myself and one question I have for those of you reading this.

First the rules:

  1. NO RAISING MY VOICE. I will talk quietly and calmly no matter how frustrated (or infuriated) I am on the inside.
  2. NO DISCIPLINING WHEN ANGRY. I will send Haven to her room or, if we are out, count to 10 (or 100, as the case may be) before carrying out the appropriate discipline.
  3. GET IN SHAPE. My kids are just one more reason to get serious about eating less and exercising more. I want to be actively involved in their lives (and maybe the lives of grandkids one day).

Now for the question: Do you know of any good books on parenting that you’d recommend?

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